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Payment Method

 For International Clients - Wire Transfer

You can send money through your bank in which you are holding your account. Contact customer care executive of your bank with following mention particular:-

Account Holder: Macmediacast
Current Account No. 94035943
Banco de Chile
PASEO AHUMADA 251, Santiago
Swift Code : BCHICLRM

 For International Clients - Western Union Money Transfer

You can also send money through western union, Contact the agent closest to you for sending the money to us. Click here

 For International Clients - Money Transfer through Paypal

We also accept payments through paypal.

Please add an additional service charge of 4% on the total value of the quoted amount. Payments through paypal must be sent as US$

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Web developers at Macmediacast are extremely talented, they pick up my requirements very quickly and done the work well on time.
Alex - United States